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Innovative 4D Immersive Art with 3D Anamorphic Illusion for Corporate/Branding/Convention Projects  #4DisTheNew3D

For hybrid exhibition, commercial event and tradeshow entertainment using 4D Emerging Technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and development with live, large scale 3D street painting art!  Live 3-D street painting using wet/dry media, panels, on most surfaces, in nearly any size and panel configuration for the finest, conceptual interactive 3D street painting art solutions. Mingling traditional chalk art and emerging technologies for the most conceptual projects worldwide. 

For Clarification:  4D is only the integration of an emerging technology such as virtual reality (VR) and/or augmented reality (AR).  It is not merely adding a vertical panel to a 3D street art work on the pavement.

3D street art projects with 4D (VR, AR) require detailed planning and coordination between client, and ISPG art/tech teams with budgets of substantial note. Serious Inquiries Only.
Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.
Blended 4D Emerging Technologies with 3D Street Art  Uses and Applications

Bring the 4D emerging technologies/3D anamorphic street artworks of Innovative Street Painting Group to multiple locations in your region and around the world with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

Contact Anthony Cappetto for details on how to maximize your concepts with our New York City based technology team.

App design and development for street painting art events from pre-development through launch using virtual reality (VR) mixed reality and augmented reality (AR)

  • Product launches
  • Retail/Malls
  • Advertising
  • Sports media
  • Media
  • Cinema and Entertainment
  • Corporate team building
  • Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Social Networking/Street Painting Art Component
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • New applications as presented by clients
  • Available for deployment in multi city and multi country projects
Innovative Sponsorship Pairing/Sourcing using 4D Emerging Technologies

Innovative Street Painting Group is always looking for potential corporate sponsors for bringing 4D emerging technologies together with traditional 3D illusionary pavement art to public events and festivals worldwide.  Our experience in the street painting art community as artists and evangelists since 2001 places us in the unique position of being able to pair potential sponsors with interested  new and established festivals in the USA and internationally.

Share your corporate participation at the highest level with a rapidly growing conceptual merger of traditional art and new, emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Serious Inquiries Only.
Please have your desired brief, budgeting, and schedule ready with 4D inquiry.

Contact Anthony Cappetto, for for a confidential discussion.

Innovative Street Painting Group 4D Street ARt
Mingling 4D Emerging Technologies with Hand Drawn 3D Anamorphic Street Art for Hybrid Virtual Events
Virtual|Augmented|Mixed Reality
International 3D/AR chalk artist and co founder of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. Anthony Cappetto, standing left of center with students from IIT Bombay 'chasing' the IIT robot Mascot over his 'Cityscape' at the Techfest 2012 in Mumbai, India.  This was the first 3D/AR street painting in India, and the second in the world.
International 3D/AR chalk artist and co founder of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. Anthony Cappetto, grasping the AR animated butterflies and birds over his groundbreaking 3D/AR chalk art work, 'Visions of Cambodia' in Sarasota, FL in November, 2011. This was the first 4D immersive street painting ever designed and executed anywhere in the world.
The 3D/AR chalk art work, 'Visions of Cambodia' in Sarasota, FL in November, 2011. This was the first 3D/AR street painting (Now known as 4D Street Art) ever designed and executed anywhere in the world. Designed by 3D/AR artist Anthony Cappetto, assisted by 3D chalk artist Shawn McCann (right) and Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc., co-founder Wendy Stum (not pictured).
International 4D chalk artist and co founder of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. Anthony Cappetto, sharing his 4D chalk art scene with two animated models - one hanging on and the other getting ready to pull him up to the drawn chalk art safety.  Imagine your programs with exciting, interactive animation in virtual spaces via AR - creating an interactive environment where live human and animated activity is part of the traditionally drawn art display, vertical, horizontal panel configurations - whatever you can imagine.  
A 3D street art piece created in Baltimore, Maryland USA for a new street painting festival.

This piece - 'Spaghetti' was created as a 3D exhibition and sponsored by the local Italian Restaurant Association.

4D or emerging technologies encompass use of virtual wearables such as headsets, glasses to view augmented or holographics as a designed part of the 3D anamorphic installations Anthony Cappetto as an Early Adopter of 4D emerging technologies as part of his 3D anamorphic illusions hand drawn in chalk or paint for corporate, agency, branding, exhibition, and government clients worldwide.

Our projects especially at the corporate/branding level are always client specific, designed closely with what our client imagines and we deliver to realize that vision with the artistic and 3D anamorphic signature of Founder and primary artist Anthony Cappetto, assistants as needed under his supervision and our New York based tech team for one cohesive 4D activation.

Due to the budgets and logistics required for optimum activations we ask that responses are serious inquiries with preliminary budgeting in place, dates, locations, markets, established for activations prior to proposals.

Art for After Hours can make our 4D happen in one or multiple locations which can make 4D activations reasonably more cost effective.

Anthony Cappetto is founder of Art for After Hours, the first professional street painting company from 2001 and an early adopter of emerging technologies in his 3D works during the 2000’s as well as co-founder of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. and invited author on 4D emerging technologies and 3D anamorphic street art at Infinity Leap, a technology blog.

Known for his innovation, conceptuality, and versatility in his art and art project management, Cappetto finds the point in which he brings the clients vision and message to viewers public, private, from projects in the UAE, India, Uruguay, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and across the USA.

Cappetto is principal designer of all 3D/4D chalk/street/mural art and uses assistants only for larger projects and multiple locations all under his direction and supervision.

As an early adopter of 4D emerging technologies, Cappetto has been involved in ‘builds’ of virtual spaces in the 2000s, participated in virtual ‘in world’ seminars as an avatar at symposia, meetings, and conferences on multiple platforms learning more about the ideas of what is known as hybrid (virtual/physical) interactivity this combining 3D hand drawn art with emerging technologies such as wearables, and augmented reality.

4D Emerging Technologies with 3D Anamorphic Street Art:
Virtual|Augmented|Mixed Reality as Immersive Integrated Events
​3D Immersive:  'Life Flow" for a cardiovascular conference in San Francisco, CA. 

4D Street Art Inquiries:

International 3D/AR chalk artist and co founder of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. Anthony Cappetto, with his most recent 4D Immersive Street Art work 'Asian Fusion' using augmented, virtual reality, and dry chalk on pavement at the Artisphere International Arts Festival.  Pictured from his ARt for After Hours 4D Team: (left) Holland Winslow,(back with AR bowl) Wendy Stum, I am at right with AR bowl.
4D Emerging Art/Technology:
Demo for Augmented Reality as part of 'Asian Fusion' 4D Immersive Street Art
International 3D/AR chalk artist and co founder of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc. Anthony Cappetto, demonstrating augmented reality to festival visitors by placing on pavement and passing to viewers to 'hold'...
From left to right: Many people at Artisphere took pictures of 'Asian Fusion' from a higher point on a bridge; (center) Wendy Stum ISPG co founder and Marketing Director at Art for After Hours showing visitors how to view the chalk portion of the 4D installation prior to inserting the AR Chinese bowl model seen at upper left and through phones and VR goggles (right). 
4D Emerging Art/Technology:
Demo for Virtual Reality 'Walkthrough' component as part of 'Asian Fusion' 4D Immersive Street Art
From left to right: Through the virtual reality of 'Asian Fusion' realized as a VR walkthrough in 360 degrees.  Viewers with the VR goggles cam look to the sky, East to West, down into the canyons below oversized dishes and chopsticks, a deconstructed interpretation of the Chinese bowl with the chalk work of Anthony Cappetto translated to the bowl surfaces to further blur the lines of traditional street painting and emerging technologies...  Contact Innovative Street Painting Group to develop sophisticated conceptual programs using traditional hand drawn/painted street art with AR, VR, and other emerging technologies to be ahead of the conceptual curve...
4D Emerging Technologies Anamorphic Street Art Projects:
Virtual|Augmented|Mixed Reality as Immersive Integrated Events
Mark Conference at Rutgers University (2016)
4D Emerging Art/Technology:
'Asian Fusion' - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Dry Chalk on Pavement Live
'Visions of Cambodia' 4D Augmented Reality with Chalk - Live
'Cityscape' 4D Augmented Reality with Chalk - Live
Chalk, Painted Mural Installations/ Street Art Installations

​The Movement of Change…
Order/Disorder, Past/Future, Traditional/Conceptual.
Using the bridge as a metaphor of change atop a reinterpretation of the illusionary drop using aluminum ribs clad by glazing between horizontal concrete beams over a traditional outdoor scene.
We encourage people to stand at each end of the bridge and in the middle to experience the anamorphic illusion of 3D street painting.

Although not 4D art, it certainly can be made to be so; We are excited about our street art installations being done in New York City.

This installation for Community Field Day in Battery Park City in New York City allowed us to share a conceptual street art piece on the concrete wall while bringing art to a multitude of future street painters (local children) on the pavement in front.  
The experience that all share when art is created live works wonderfully for all ages and concept formats.  especially in the New York City (Tri State Area), talk to us about how we may tailor a street art experience for you and your event - temporary or permanent.
This is a video clip we did during the 2017 Sarasota Chalk Festival in which Cappetto is blowing bubbles in solidarity with our refugee girl whom an aid worker had given a bottle of soap bubbles to entertain her for a few moments, taking her away from her stark conditions around her.

‘Refugee’: Here, but Not Here… Anthony Cappetto with Wendy Stum

In the spirit of the Sarasota Chalk Festival’s 2017 theme of Evanescence, we present the story of a refugee child. Amidst the rubble and desolation of a stop on her journey, she blows bubbles representing some of the nations with the most dramatic refugee crises. We selected South Sudan, Syria, and Myanmar (Burma). As a child, enjoying for the briefest of moments - a chance to be a child while sharing a message with the viewers. We hear and read about refugees’ plights, but our thoughts move past them as we put down the information and move on with our lives.

They are ‘here, but not here’.