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4D Emerging Technologies with 3D Anamorphic Street Art:
Virtual|Augmented|Mixed Reality as Immersive Integrated Events

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Innovative Street Painting Group 4D Street ARt
Mingling 4D Emerging Technologies with Hand Drawn 3D Anamorphic Street Art for Hybrid Virtual Events
Virtual|Augmented|Mixed Reality
Anthony Cappetto: Co-Founder & President, Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc.

Anthony Cappetto is responsible for the day to day business affairs of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc., strategic business planning for the company and the point of contact for all new business and creative proposals to the company.

Mr. Cappetto also owns and operates a successful art consulting company, Art for After Hours. As a fine artist himself, Anthony creates art using pastels on paper and on the pavement as a street painter with a mixture of architectural and romantic themes.

Known for his innovation, conceptuality, and versatility in his art and art project management, Cappetto finds the point in which he brings the clients vision and message to viewers public, private, from projects in the UAE, India, Uruguay, Switzerland, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Hungary, France, Pakistan, Hong Kong, and across the USA.  Cappetto is principal designer of all 3D/4D chalk/street/mural art and uses assistants only for larger projects and multiple locations all under his direction and supervision.

As an early adopter of 4D emerging technologies, Cappetto has been involved in ‘builds’ of virtual spaces in the 2000s, participated in virtual ‘in world’ seminars as an avatar at symposia, meetings, and conferences on multiple platforms learning more about the ideas of what is known as hybrid (virtual/physical) interactivity this combining 3D hand drawn art with emerging technologies such as wearables, and augmented reality which he uniquely brings to his core belief of the successful mingling of traditional art and emerging technologies.
Wendy Stum: Co-Founder & Vice President, Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc.

​Wendy Stum is responsible for the day to day business affairs of Innovative Street Painting Group, along with Anthony Cappetto, and is involved in the marketing and implementation of the corporate strategic planning.  

Ms. Stum brings experience in project management from various street painting events as well as cable network tradeshows and events. Wendy is a strong supporter of street painting, the artists, and the festivals that share this art form with the public.
4D Street Art Inquiries: 4dstreetart@ispg-inc.com